Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a technique that can create dynamic improvements in your life. It helps to release tensions deep in the craniosacral-therapybody to relieve pain and dysfunction and helps your body to promote its self healing mechanisms.

A typical craniosacral therapy session takes place in a quiet setting. You remain fully clothed as you relax on a comfortable treatment table. Delicate, precise and effective manual techniques are carried out from the cranium and/or sacrum.

It makes a good complement to the more active hands-on physio  and can also be used on its own. With serious injuries involving extensive trauma and/or shock e.g. car accidents, bad falls etc., the cranial work adds another dimension to the treatment.

Cranio-sacral therapy can also help other conditions including face and jaw pain, headaches and migraines. It is suitable for all ages.

For further information, please look up John Upledger.